Ophios - 'Hopeless (Low)'

This moody, short-form IDM uncovers some neat shapes and textures throughout its truncated length.

Fierce Creatures - 'Satan is a Vampire'

Simultaneously spacious and frenetic, Fierce Creatures mix the breathy lo-fi of Broken Social Scene with the barked urgency of Arcade Fire. Fun stuff.

Amarante - 'Spring'

This folktronica is more folk than 'tronica, I'd say, but it's all around cheery and nice on the ears.

Quiet Americans - 'Medicine Girl'

I devour noisy art-pop cassettes like secret candy. This one is no exception. Off the delightfully buzzy tape EP Medicine, here's the wild, squiggly ride 'Medicine Girl'.

Grand Canopy - 'Daytime (Speaks)'

The Bird Calls and Other Various Sounds for Storytelling EP from Fresno's lo-fi psychedelic rockers Grand Canopy is delightful all the way through, but I think track two tops the bunch. 

Sahab - 'Call Me'

Underneath slick beats and electronic gloss, there's some real earnestness in Sahab's music. Here's a free cut off his latest Scarecrow LP.

Joel Robert Melton - 'Shadowfingers pt. 1'

This achingly ethereal release from Fresno's Joel Robert Melton could be the result of The Microphones and Amnesiac-era Radiohead twisting together and unleashing a new breed of lovely unto the world. Eerie and at times transcendent, Ghost weaves lo-fi textures together with purpose and gravity. Melton knows how to seep into your head and expand it to the outer layers of the atmosphere, up where there are more stars than air. Great stuff.

Between The Cities Are Stars - S/T

Check out the latest self-titled LP (which was also released on cassette, I believe) from Fresno's noise rock ensemble Between The Cities Are Stars. It's raw, rough, and spaced-out, hearkening back to the shoegaze of the early '90s. Buy it at Bandcamp or stream it below.


why isnt there more venues?

 Fresno needs more venues for all ages shows, especially for the local artist we have here. Every genre of music is represented in our town, I sponsor a local Heavy Metal Band here, the only problem is there are limitations for shows because of age restrictions to the popular venues. I thought about opening my own but the cost just to rent a piece of property big enough was insane.  I've talk to local promoters here and they all feel the same way. I ask anyone who reads this to just go out and support the local bands, most play for free at the venues just to get heard, some even pay to be on the venues stage. I have to say there is a lot of talent here, rival to LA, but LA has the venues.



Is it just me or do a lot of Fresno bands stylize their names in all caps? Here's the brand new self-titled EP from lo-fi garage pop group ILLGRUM.